Almonds and cereals


In this vein of diversifying production to guarantee the viability of the associates’ businesses, the Fruits de Ponent Group also contains an almond and nuts division which has continued to expand, owing its growth, above all, to the almond farms of the partners.

Today, the Group’s own almond production comes to around one million kilograms, and the Group offers third-party services for a volume of some four million kilograms. It operates two almond reception and processing plants, one in Alcarràs and the other in Alcanó.

Almendras FDP
Toneladas de almendra FDP
Tonnes of almonds
Toneladas de cereales FDP
Tonnes of cereals
Hectáreas cultivadas FDP
Hectares farmed
Almacenes FDP

For years, the Group has operated a cereals division, in Alcarràs, which has continued to grow throughout the years, amounting today – between wheat, barley and corn – to 12 million kilograms.

Cereal FDP