The Year of the People’, the report of Fruits de Ponent that collects twelve months of commitment of the Cooperative Group in all the areas

12 de November de 2021

The strength of the cooperative group and the prominence of the partners, the advancement in energy efficiency with the reduction of plastics and CO2 emissions, or the social commitment and determination to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030 and the Global Compact. These are some of the relevant aspects that are reflected in the report of the Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group for the period between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021, which reports on the elements and activities organizational, economic and social aspects of the Group.

The report is entitled ‘The Year of the People’, because it makes them the center of attention and because it is precisely the interest in people that has led the Group’s efforts to take care of them more than ever. its partners, emphasizing the well-being, equality and training of workers, even more so given that these twelve months covered by the report have been marked by the pandemic.

The document is also an exercise in transparency, one of the values ​​of Fruits de Ponent, aimed at raising awareness of the stakeholders with whom it interacts in the different aspects of its business management in the economic, environmental, of people and social.

The collection also highlights the uniqueness and importance of cooperative governance, emphasizing that the Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group is a second-degree cooperative, so its components are the different representatives of the grassroots cooperatives, which form the Governing Council. A professional system with a maximum level of internal democracy and participation of partners in the main decisions.

Another of the Group’s main axes is also its commitment to sustainability in the social, economic and environmental fields, providing examples and certified data that show the improvement of the Group’s energy efficiency in, among other things, aspects such as savings. energy spent per tonne of fruit, the use of solar panels and electric vehicles, the reduction in kilograms of CO2 emissions or the control of water expenditure and waste management.

The report also devotes space to highlighting the group’s efforts to promote research, development and digitalisation, to expanding quality standards and product offerings year after year, and also, in a special way, to promote healthy habits. consumption.

Collaborations in projects and with social and solidarity organizations are also aspects that add differential value to the Group and that make its Foundation one of the fundamental axes.

To prepare the report, the guidelines of the Guide to GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative) have been followed, taking into account the principles of materiality, stakeholder participation, sustainability context, economic framework and social aspects. This summary is also presented in the SG21 Certification, to which the Group submits annually. Similarly, the report reflects the progress of the Cooperative Group with regard to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

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