Cooperative group

Commitment to excellence, diversity and sustainability

We are an interconnected network of cooperatives and initiatives of people leading the agricultural future, and we are working to establish a distinctive presence in the stone fruit sector and beyond.

We sell primary products produced by our members, making us one of the most important agri-food cooperatives in Catalonia, and the second to be a Cooperative Group. With a deep-seated passion for quality and innovation, we continue to exceed expectations and drive agricultural progress.

Quality and innovation

With a deep-rooted passion for quality and innovation

Agricultural progress

We continue to exceed expectations and drive agricultural progress.


Committed to the environment

Our journey began in 1992 but we have to go back decades before finding the seed of everything

Our mission and commitment to quality and sustainability

We work collaboratively, sharing information and giving a voice to all members

Headquarters, packing plant, almond processing plant, Alcanó mill, petrol stations, and farm shops.