Member Services

Support and Assistance

We aim to provide our partners and producers with support in guidance, processing, document management, and assistance in queries or responses to requests and claims related to the following services:


Declaration of the origin and destination of on-farm livestock manure and nitrogen fertiliser applications.


Community farm payment

Submission of the declaration and application for farm-related payments by producers.

Technical advice

Submission of applications for the different grants available to producers.

Field certifications

These are documents recording the phytosanitary treatments carried out on the farm.


Technical inspection of plant protection product application equipment (EAPF for extensive crops and woody crops).


To carry out, with the Cooperative's own personnel, all types of agricultural work or similar activities on the farms and for the benefit of the members of this section.
To provide and carry out any type of agricultural service, with the Cooperative's own personnel, necessary for the agricultural operations of the members of this section.


Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group provides a comprehensive insurance processing service, supplying both agricultural and other areas. With continuous advice, we ensure that our producers can protect their crops.

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