Members of Agrària del Llobregós promote the mountain apple

16 de March de 2022

Agrària del Llobregós, of Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group, continues to grow in number of family units, so that in recent weeks it has added more members, with which new mountain apple plantations are being carried out.

Maria Casoliva, president of Agrària del Llobregós and member of the Governing Council of Fruits de Ponent, was, along with Gerard Cases and Rosa Espuga, one of the pioneers. Lourdes Cuadrat has now been added, in addition to Laia Condal.

Agrària del Llobregós –the Group’s first grade cooperative– has some 20 hectares of mountain apples of different varieties. This apple, which is marketed under the GR Apple brand, has its own organoleptic characteristics, with a brighter red color and more crunchiness.

In addition, Agrària del Llobregós has an Agrobotiga in Ponts, an establishment from which this apple is sold.