Acknowledgment of Fruits de Ponent to the workers of the Cooperative Group on the occasion of the celebration, on March 8, of Women’s Day

7 de March de 2022

Coinciding with the International Donut Day (8 of march), and Fruits de Ponent has offered a tribute and a recognition to all the workers that make up the Grup Cooperatiu in the form of congratulations for this date and in a sign of appreciation for the seva tasca i compromise.

In this sense, it should be noted that the collection of working gifts represents more than 60 per cent of the group’s workers, since there are 420 davant els 250 homes that hi ha.

The acknowledgment also implies the commitment of Fruits de Ponent in gender matters as well as the implantation of a new Pla d’Igualtat among the men and women of the group, which recently went on to become another firm with the constitution of the Comitè d’ ‘Equality and the nomination of two agents for equality.

This will be valid during the 2022-2025 period and includes measures for the commitment to organize working conditions from a gender perspective; training in gender perspective for the people who participate in the selection processes; also at the level of awareness, the realization of workshops for the promotion and encouragement of equality; the creation of an internal protocol that regulates promotions and career plans; the review and updating of the remuneration policy of the companies of the pel group that fa als the valuation criteria of the different labor llocs; the review of the conciliation policy; the review, update and communication of the neutral language guide, also with the review of the documentation to adapt it to the inclusive language; the realization of the studies of absenteeism with a gender perspective; and the review and update of the procedures to be followed to prevent and detect possible cases of asset.