L'oli premiat al prestigiós IOOC de Londres.

Prayium KYLATT, awarded at the London International Olive Oil Competitions 2021

The extra virgin olive oil from 'Special Selection' Praedium KYLATT, from Molí de Alcanó (Fruits de Ponent Coperative Group), has received a new international award, this time from the 'London Olive Oil Competitions'. The oil from the 'premium' range has obtained a bronze medal in the 'Quality Oils' category. The London contest is one of the most prestigious and demanding that aims to promote the quality of olive oils throughout the world among consumers and professionals in the sector.

The contest has four categories, 'Quality', 'Packaging', 'Health Claim' and 'Infused Olive Oil', in which it distinguishes the different oils from all over the world that are presented. In the case of Praedium, KYLATT has been distinguished in the first one. To make the selection of the best oils in this category, the producers present a sample of the oil anonymously for the jury to blindly test and make their evaluations.

Praedium KYLATT represents the union of the best selection of Arbequina olives from the Alcanó fields, the experience of the technicians of the Alcanó Mill and the passion for gastronomy of the Michelin-starred chef Oriol Ivern (Hisop restaurant, Barcelona).

With this, there are already three distinctions that the 'Premium' oil from Molí de Alcanó has obtained in its first two years: In Paris, by the Association for the Valuation of Agricultural Products (AVPA) in 2020, at the Oil Fair Extra Virgin Quality and Les Garrigues de las Borges Blanques (2021) and today at LIOOC, London (2021).