Fruits de Ponent se suma al Día Internacional de las Cooperativas

Fruits de Ponent joins the International Day of Cooperatives, organized by the Department of Employment (Catalonia Goverment) through AraCoop, opening its doors on Friday 3rd 10am to 12pm. The activity will consist, first visit is taking place as the harvesting of stone fruit in the fields of Cooperative Alcarrás, who belongs to the Fruits de Ponent. Later, the group will travel to the Central Fruit which will look like is taking place and the process of sorting Shrink packaging of the fruit before being sent to their points of sale.

Fruits de Ponent continues to apply cooperative values and opening its doors to promote the consumption of fruit and teach the public the process of passing the fruit quality before reaching the consumer.

In this link you can access the open day of fruits and register Speaker: OPEN DAY