FRUITS DE PONENT, collaborating partner with the food bank

Grup Cooperatiu Fruits de Ponent has received yet another year a supporting diploma due to its part in the Food Bank, thanking the cooperative for its collaboration with this entity. The organization, through its president in Spain Francisco García, thanked the group for the "donations that have been received through the program of the European Commission of fruits and vegetables in 2016".

In its letter, the Bank emphasizes "that the products received are of excellent quality and in large quantities, which has allowed us to distribute fruit and vegetables to more than 500 charities serving those most in need". The Cooperative Group is proud to reaffirm, once again, their commitment to such organizations that are so necessary today unfortunately, to provide assistance to communities in need in the form of basic services such as food.

Fruits de Ponent is a company with strong corporate social responsibility in its cooperative principles.