Fruits de Ponent collaborates with the shipment of a container of agricultural, health and sports material for an agricultural college in Chad

Today, 7 July, Fruits de Ponent Grup Cooperatiu collaborated with the Banc de Recursos by offering its facilities (and loading bays) to receive and load a container with agricultural and other material for an agricultural college in Chad. Through its foundation, Fruits de Ponent has also donated some 100 kilos of maize seeds to this cause. 

The director of theFundació Banc de Recursos (BdR), Jesús Lanao Clavera received all the agricultural, health, electrical, mechanical and sports material that had been collected to be sent to the Tatemoë Agricultural College, of the Kyabé Mission in the Republic of Chad. The director highlighted the collective character of this shipment: from the companies that have sent in their materials to the team of volunteers who have prepared the load, including the collaborating town councils, sports clubs such as Lleida Esportiu, transport logistics companies such as Servi Castells S.L., and many others.  This charity container links Lleida with Chad. The event took place at the facilities of the Camp d’Alcarràs Cooperative, of the Grup Fruits de Ponent, which collaborated and generously lent out its space for the reception. During the event, its president Sebastià Escarp i Tomàs, also spoke, reiterating the charitable role and intrinsic social responsibility of the Grup Cooperatiu, as seen in activities such as today's, or that of a few days ago, with the Red Cross, to store foodstuff.

The reception also enjoyed the presence of representatives of the town councils, as well as collaborators of the Cultiva la Solidaritat campaign of the BdR, such as the Mayor of Alcarràs, Miquel Serra i Gòdia; the Mayor of La Granadella, Carlos Gibert Bernaus and the Mayor of Sarroca, Jaume Reves Esteve.

All the material collected is destined to the Tatemoë training centre, of some 107 hectares. For 19 years, various families in the area have come to the centre to live in it for two years and receive an integral training that helps them to obtain better living conditions for their communities thanks to the training in agriculture, carpentry, livestock breeding, management, health, hygiene, literacy, languages, product transformation, sewing with machines, embroidering, civic education, citizen rights and obligations, gardening and organisation-leadership.

The loading of the 40 HC container will be done tomorrow.  Banc de Recursos has been offering support to agricultural projects in the south of Chad for the last four years and in 2017, the BdR Lleida delegation has made a great effort to fill and ship the container to Kyabé, in the Republic of Chad.

Banc de Recursos carries out projects in the educational, agricultural, health and technical training sectors in developing countries.  This campaign for Chad was made possible thanks to the effort of many Lleida companies and organisations. A practical, effective example of Corporate Social Responsibility.