Agreement between Fruits de Ponent and Cajamar to promote varietal modernization

The agreement allows Grup Cooperatiu and its farming partners to benefit from financing lines under preferential conditions to carry out varietal reconversion projects and thus make a necessary qualitative leap to continue offering the best products to the different markets. Likewise, the Cajamar cooperative bank will also make another series of services and products available to Fruits de Ponent to optimize its savings, investment and internationalization.

With this alliance, Cajamar once again shows its commitment to the agri-food sector, and specifically to cooperativism, by making special lines of financing available to farmers that allow them to access new cultivation techniques and technological, organizational and market innovations to make their activity and contribute to its modernization.

The president of Grup Cooperatiu Fruits de Ponent, Benjamí Ibars, has valued this agreement affirming that it corresponds to the Group's philosophy when it comes to providing its partners with tools to improve their business activity. "Agreements of this type -he added- make it possible for our farmers to adapt their farms to the new challenges of the market, for example, facilitating the reconversion of fruit varieties to current demands".

For his part, the regional director of Cajamar in Catalonia, Martín Tomás, highlighted that "with this agreement, the cooperative bank makes a wide range of services and products available to all members of Fruits de Ponent with which to modernize their farms and make new investments, which will result in the improvement of its profitability and competitiveness”.

It is not the first time that Cajamar and Grupo Cooperativo Fruits de Ponent have carried out joint projects. In 2018, both entities signed an agreement to facilitate the generational change in the field, through modernization plans and access to new agronomic technologies.