Oil - Oro de Ponent

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Fruits de Ponent Group includes an oil press in the town of Alcanó, Lleida, which produces extra virgin olive oil from the 100% Arbequina olives grown in its partners’ fields.

The mill of Alcanó has kept its cooperative spirit intact, understood as the sum of the efforts of the partners and farmers, to offer the best services and quality products.

The mill, which has formed part of the Alcarràs Cooperative (Fruits de Ponent Group) since 2015, belongs to the protected designation of origin (PDO) Les Garrigues. This means that all the oils it produces are extra virgin oils of superior category.

On the basis of sustainable agriculture, the producing partners pick the olives and bring them directly to the mill so they can be pressed in less than 24 hours, thereby ensuring the maximum quality of the oil.

Two brands of extra virgin oil are commercialised: L’Or de Ponent, in different formats (all with 100% recyclable rPET material and glass) and the PREMIUM Praedium KYLATT brand.

Aceite de oliva FDP