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Fruits de Ponent promotes responsible eating and the properties of fruit in a campaign on social networks

Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group is carrying out a campaign on social networks through which it wants to help promote responsible eating and highlight the properties and benefits of fruit consumption.

This campaign is part of the set of actions that Fruits de Ponent implements throughout the year in order to promote fruit consumption and defend the sector, in addition to the numerous collaborations it does with public and private entities. In addition, it fits in with the Cooperative Group's commitment to the master lines of two projects of international scope.

The first of these projects is focused on this 2021, and consists of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, designated by the United Nations General Assembly and which aims to raise awareness about the importance of fruits and vegetables for the human nutrition, food security and health, and for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The other project is 5 a day, an initiative that wants to promote healthy habits through the daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, specifically 5 pieces a day, which is the minimum daily consumption ration recommended by the scientific and medical community in a healthy diet.