Fruits de Ponent, present again at Fruit Logistica in its 25th anniversary, which coincides with this international contest

The Group will present its commitment to its clients since OKI is the leading flat peach brand in Europe


Yet another year, 25 already, Fruits de Ponent will be present the 8th, 9th and 10th of February at Fruit Logistica, the international fair of the fresh fruit sector. The Group will begin by enlarging their stand this year —from 32 to 61 square meters— with the aim of informing customers of their plans for the upcoming summer season. In this sense, the Group will present customers that are already united with the Group and new ones their commitment to placing OKI as the benchmark brand of flat peaches in Europe. The characteristics of the fields of the Ebro Valley and its climate makes this fruit unique in the world due to its colour, flavour and aroma, which is why Fruits de Ponent plans to offer OKI to consumers in different European countries: Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands.

Moreover, as a group specializing in stone fruit (and leader of the EU in terms of volume in peach, nectarine and flat peach) the Cooperative Group will also plan its 2017 campaign with its clients. Fruit Logistica will also be the framework for continuing with the commitment of: The Good Fruit, 365 days a year, a marketing strategy to serve fruit throughout the year, with the addition of fruit from the fall and winter.



2017 is an important year regarding the identity of the Cooperative Group, as it coincides with its 25th anniversary. Indeed, the same year that Fruit Logistica is held, an event that Fruits de Ponent wants to take advantage of to “toast” this fertile and productive coexistence with the Fair. That is why the Group will organize on Thursday the 9th, at 16:00, a “cocktail” for clients, institutions and media present in Berlin.

Fruit de Ponent’s stand will be located in International Hall 8.2 of Fruit Logistica at stand B-05.