Fruits de Ponent is committed to innovation to improve the quality of the fruit and minimize waste in production

11 de July de 2022

The Ponent Fruit Quality department has incorporated this campaign different technological instruments in the Confection Center in order to improve the quality of the fruit and, therefore, that the final consumer benefits directly.

The first of these devices is the Impacttrack, a sphere that simulates the shape of the fruit and is used to monitor damage and temperature in the production and transport of fresh products. This instrument – which follows the entire path of the fruit – performs a real-time recording that allows technicians to ‘map’ the production lines and processes in order to continue working on continuous improvement. Likewise, this system can help reduce food production waste, monitor transport and logistics and improve quality control systems.

The ImpacTrack logger is enclosed in a housing that mimics the dimensions, shape, weight and density of the real product. It will behave and react (even floating in water) in the same way as the product it works with.

A second technological instrument implemented is the fruit acidity meter, aimed at the customer and their consumption preferences. It is a tool that provides us with data on the flavor attributes of the fruit, analyzing natural sugars, ripeness and crunch.

On the other hand, a system has also been incorporated to analyze the water used to wash the fruit, carrying out microbiological analyzes and turbidity studies, with the aim of guaranteeing the best conditions for washing and caring for the product.

And finally, a device called DA-Meter, which is a new technology that provides a fast and non-destructive method to evaluate the ripeness of the fruit and provide the optimal harvest date. It is a meter that uses spectroscopy to measure the chlorophyll of the fruit. In this way, in the different quality controls, the technicians can prepare an exhaustive study in order to make available to the consumer the ideal fruit in its state of ripening.

Grup Cooperatiu Fruits de Ponent is committed to innovation as its main branch in the continuous improvement of its processes, both in the field and at headquarters and in all its business areas: fruit, olive oil, almonds and cereals.